Let’s talk about spices!

Let’s talk about spices!

When you consider how spices enhance the flavor of bland food, “Spice” represents adding interest and enjoyment to your life!

A few facts about spices:

  • Spices are parts of plants roots, seeds, gums, bark etc;
  • Spices are used in food, cosmetics, medicine, preservative, etc;
  • Teas, Herbs & Spices have been used in India for thousands of years. India is the largest producer of teas and spices.
  • The ancient Kemities (Egyptians) used spices such as fennel, coriander, garlic, and thyme in foods, medicines and mummification.
  • The Bible has many references to spices for example, it mentions that the Queen of Sheba visited King Solomon in Jerusalem and gifted him “120 measures of Gold, many spices and precious stones.”
  • The “Spice Trade” with the “East” (India) began in the western world when European citizens wanted more spices in their otherwise bland lives. Remember Christopher Columbus got lost trying to find a quicker route to India to procure the economic advantage in the spice trade. But I digress lol

Today, my little sister inspired me to elaborate on the importance of spices in our everyday lives. She owned her own school and is a great teacher. She’s uses the analogy of spices to help students with their writing. (Her students are award winning writers by the way). 

She says “ I came up with it because spices enhance flavor and make the person “want to consume” the ting. Also someone can take a standard spice and layer it in their own way in which it becomes a different taste. That reminded me of writing and how multiple people can use the same literary devices and the writing us enhanced differently. “

She is a great example of Kugusa Mtima (Swahili for to touch the heart) and Odo Akoma (Twi for my heart is in your heart.” The love that she pours into her students and how she teaches her students to love writing and love themselves is exemplary! 

Thinking about my sister and spices. I thought, of course spices should be included in the Love Box!

There are 10 spices in my Spirit of Love Box. Yes, spices give your food that extra zing! but its deeper than that. We know most spices are good for your health but how good? In general, spices have neurological, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, anti-depressive benefits. Some spices are also aphrodisiacs. Check out the healing properties of the 10 spices included in the Spirit of Love Box below (by the way, they are all also aphrodisiacs):

  1. Nutmeg- contains zinc, riboflavin niacin, beta carotene, iron, B Vitamins, Vitamin C, A and folate great for Blood Pressure control and cognitive function, red blood cell production, improves circulation, relieves pain, good for your teeth, detoxifies the body, helps with shin, reduces insomnia, strengths the immune systems.

Spiritually, nutmeg is for good luck, court cases, meditation travel, to attract a love, encourage fidelity in a lover, great for Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) during the winter, prosperity rituals.

  1. Cloves- digestion, antibacterial, anti-oxidant, diabetes control, liver protection, boots immunity, tooth pain, breathe, gas, stress, cols/flu, morning sickness, skin: acne & scars, cuts & wounds, rashes, relieves anxiety, helps prevent hair loss, arthritis, breathe, muscle soreness. Repel parasites, mosquito repellent,

Spiritually, cloves are great for protection, repelling negative energy, stop gossip, friendships, and attract good energy.

  1. Cinnamon- anti-inflammatory, protects brain-nervous system, protects heart, lowers blood sugar, high in anti-oxidants, freshens breath, fights viruses and infections, increases libido

Spiritually, cinnamon helps deepen spiritual insights, good luck, passion, clarity, healing, raises room vibration

  1. Lavender- anti-oxidant, improves brain function heals burns & wounds, improves sleep, enhances blood circulation, relieves pain, great for stress.

Spiritually- lavender is great for love attraction, calmness, peace, protection, enhances dreams and visions, rejuvenation, purification

  1. Cardamom- soothes stomach aches, anti-diarrheal, antiseptic, astringent, diuretic, lowers blood-pressure, anti-inflammatory.

Spiritually- cardamom is good for eloquence in speech when attracting love, warming, stimulating, good luck in love affairs/sexual relationships,

  1. Coriander- anti-bacterial, stimulates appetite, reduces flatulence and bloating.

Spiritually- coriander is great for protection, brings good energy in, dispels negative energy, good for clairvoyance, divination retention, add to wine to make a lust potion for two consenting parties.

  1. Turmeric- powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, healing of wounds, anti-oxidant, anti-tumor, antiseptic, invigorate blood, remove stagnation, great for the liver, and WAY MORE!

Spiritually- turmeric is used in sacred ceremonies, fertility, good health, protection

  1. Fennel- freshens breath, bone health, skin health, digestion, lowers blood pressure

Spiritually- fennel helps with longevity, vitality, strength (Physical & mental), confidence, overcoming addiction/bad habits, communication, and divination (random: I love fennel, mint and ginger gum https://www.simplygum.com/)

  1. Anise seed- upset stomach, runny nose, appetite stimulant, diuretic, thrombosis, boosts lactation,

Spiritually- anise seed protects against nightmare, fertility, restore vitality, increase psychic abilities, psychic protection, cleansing.

  1. Thyme- anti-oxidant, sore throat, upset stomach, acne, flatulence, parasites, eyesight, stress, asthma.

Spiritually- thyme is great for compassion, confidence, happiness, healing, grieving, passion, release, approachability.

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